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Brand new and not sure how to start...

Hi I am a 30 year old insulin dependant diabetic.  I also take metformin er and lisinopril.  I am overweight (was told that I need to drop min 20lbs if I want to try and have  another baby with my wonderful ).  I am from Lindenwald ohio and well I just want to get healthier. 


We aready have 1 child, picky 5 year old that he is.  I figured maybe I should try one meal/day per week and start from there.  I a;so have a 55lb dalmation who has health probs as well. so this would be good for the entire family...


My Hubby has agreed that at least starting with one day a week to go vegetarian until used to the idea...


Very nervous about starting this but I really want to be healthier and have a healthier family as well...

If you are first trying to go vegetairan, in the sense of ovo/lacto vegetarian, one easy step might be to just make whatever recipe you normally make and omit the meat (when talking about casseroles, etc.).  Bump up your veggies and they will help fill you up, too.

It also depends on where you live on how easy it is.  I live in a rural area in the midwest, and when I was younger, the stores didn't have meat substitutes, nor was there a health food store nearby (and no health food sections in the regular grocery stores either). 

With the internet nowadays, a lot of stuff can be ordered online. 

There are many great websites out there, too, that have recipes! (Yay internet!)

Good luck!


Hi Panther. Some people make an immediate switch but for many it is an evolution of sorts.  I think in your case perhaps you should stop talking about being vegetarian, because it is going to make your husband nervous and the truth is vegetarians and vegans can also have pretty crummy diets as well.  Instead focus on adding more fruits, vegetables and beans and whole grains to your diet.  If you focus on adding healthier foods, the amount of nonhealthy foods in your diet will start to shrink.  Quinoa, chickpeas, kale -- those are foods that everyone should eat, not just vegetarians, so why not serve them alongside whatever you are making now?  Also, five year olds are very picky--studies show they need to be introduced to a new food (especially vegetables) about 10 to 12 times before they will accept it.  Just keep cooking it and serving it and they will come around. 

If you are a member of weight watchers online, there is a veg support group as well as a recipe index that features many vegetarian and vegan recipes.

Good luck to you. This is such a gift you are giving to your family.


PS:  I am not trying to discourage you from being vegetarian. I have been veg for more than 20 years and have three very healthy children who have been veg all their lives.  I was just suggesting that by first introducing lots of healthy foods into your life everyday would make the transition easier, as well make a greater impact on your family's health.  It is important that your family not feel deprived and that they don't start to think healthy foods = vegetarian = the day we don't get to eat anything we like.

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