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"blended" families?

I'm working on vegan-ness, and live with partner and kid who show no such desires...  Anyone else out there dealing with double-cooking and family resistance (not to mention temptations like butter & cheese...)

I always try to cook some communal vegetable - one that we all can enjoy.
I know I can't change their eating habits so I cook for them what I think they will like (meat and cheese) and try to make it as healthy as possible. I normally always have soup or salad for myself, as well.


You could request that your partner watch Forks Over Knives or look into the health benefits of a vegetarian/vegan diet. Many non-vegs get turned off when people try to talk to them about the ethics of going meatless. I think the reasonableness of FOK is a huge part in why my husband agreed to go along with veganism at home (I don't cook meat anymore, but he still gets it at restaurants). I don't have kids so I couldn't tell you how I'd go about that, but hopefully he/she will catch on to the patterns you set if you continue in this lifestyle.

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