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bad diet bad heart

Hi guys
            I am a 62 year old male who at 39 years of age had a heart attack
, 5 years later a quad bypass
and just this year 2 stents inserted into my arteries ,If i stay on my diet
of meat dairy products sometimes fast food  and all the other junk food that
i eat the future is at best bleak.
I have just ordered a book called ' prevent and reverse heart disease ' by Dr
Caldwell Esselstyn  In a few of the pages that i read on amazon, he talks
about not cooking in heart healthy oils or using it in the making of hummus,
could somebody please advise me on this , At the moment i an reading some wed
based articles
and looking for recipes,But it has become very clear that i need to change my
lifestyle very quickly
I think i can eat a plant based diet as long as i can find nice things to eat
So the plan is to read the book it should be here Monday or Tuesday find
recipes and do it asap
any advice would be great......, oh also i plan to get my blood work done
next week so i can track my progress .
Thanks in advance
Ron Byrne

Congrats on taking control of your health, that is an amazing accomplishment. We've got SO many great heart-healthy, naturally cholesterol free recipes on the site (everything here is choloesterol free, in fact!). My suggestion is to search for recipes that you loved as an omnivore and try vegan versions. Remember, they won't taste exactly the same, but they can be even better! Experiement and come up with recipes you love. It'll happen, you'll have a diet that is just as delicious than anything you ate before, trust me! Good luck!!


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