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Baby Vegan

Hi, I'm Harumi. I'm an RN currently living in Missouri, but from all over the world.

I used to be the enemy. I had two veg roommates in college who I thought were crazy. I was convinced I could never give up meat, milk or cheese. I even had an anti-veg rant. Last September I lost a bunch of stubborn weight on a very heavily animal-laden Atkins-type diet. I started reading books about organic, sustainable meat and my book trail eventually led me to treatises on vegetarianism, veganism and animal rights.Slowy I began to realize that even though I had lost that weight that I could no longer eat the animal products that had helped me to do so. I went Vegetarian in November and resolved to go Vegan in Jan. I LOVE being vegan. It makes me feel so free and light. I did cheat a little bit (nothing blatantly over the top, mostly accidents common for newbies....label reading fails...and stuff with trace nonvegan elements--but cheating nonetheless). The one I felt worst about is the fact that my boss has a dish of milk chocolate I would dip into, esp on more stressful days. But I just finished watching Mercy for Animals' new video and now that candy dish just looks totally disgusting. I bought my own vegan chocolate and bring it to work with me now.

I'mglad I found this forum and hope it will be a good resource for me. Any tips from veterans regarding the use of this forum and veganism in general?

Hi!  Check out the review directory.  It's really cool to get feedback about products and recipes.

I don't think that's cheating as much as it is the learning curve.


Nice to meet you.

I'm sure you'll find that by being vegan maintaining the weight loss will be easy. 

All the best.

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