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Baby vegan!

Hey  :)

I became Vegan about a month ago after being a vegetarian on and off for the past few years.

I would love some advice, tips, or good restaurant suggestions!! (I live in Manhattan)

Thanksgiving was hard but I made it through and passed on the cheese cake!

Nice to meat  meet you!!!!

Welcome! I am new as well. I can tell you the best advise I have for going out to eat is be VERY clear on what you want and what you don't want. I have had great experiences and not so great in this area. When ordering I have explained I am vegan and from what I can tell most people have no idea that means I don't want cheese, or milk in sauces and such. I have ordered steamed vegetables only to have them served with all kinds of sauces or cooked in butter (hello steamed!) On the other hand I have asked about ingredients and actually was given a print out of every ingredient in the menu item I requested. Now that I have rambled on, that is my advice. Assume they have no idea what vegan is so you know exactly what you are eating. We do a lot of salad bars, Chinese, Japanese and certain Mexican food places.


Thanks for the advice!
Eating out is hard, unless its a vegan/vegetarian restaurant!
A few times I've told the waitress or waiter I'm allergic to dairy  >:D  when at normal places!


Hi Savvy Jane! Welcome! I just wanted to say something real quick about your comment. While I am totally with you on it being difficult, and sometimes it is just so much easier to stay home and eat pasta, it's nice to be able to go out and eat. And, honestly, going to veg resturants is really nice and it makes it very undifficult. But honestly, some of the most amazing dishes I've had are from non veg places. There are so many treasures to be found, and it may take a little substituting, and excluding, and including, but don't be afraid to try things, and new places!


Nice to meet you. Welcome!


If you haven't read Skinny Bitch yet, you need to!! It's the reason I turned vegan from 21 years of meat-eating. And girrrrrrllll!! you live in manhattan?!?! first soooo jealous! and I believe there are quite a few vegan restaurants in nyc! especially......CANDLE 79!! gahhhh soooo amazing! I read about it a long time ago in my veg news mags and dreamed about going. finally got to go on a very brief trip to nyc and got to go there....delish! and its super nice and upscale....gah i would give anything to live in nyc! anyways lol definitely go to candle 79, it's awesome!



The best tip I can throw out is if you have a craving for a food that is vegetarian look as soon as possible for a vegan replacement. I personally love chocolate and found some wonderful vegan chocolate bars called chololate dream...I believe that is the name of the product. And some yummy vegan pudding called zensoy is so good.

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