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Any other Canadians here ?

The reason I ask is because I am ahving a hard time finding some things and wondered if they are even available in Canada. I am sure they are but probably in bigger cities which I am not. I would love some mayo or even cheese etc. ....any ideas where they can be found? I am in Alberta ;)b

I'm Canadian too.  I live in Nova Scotia.  :)  I can get Nayonaise and some soy cheeses at the Superstore.  They are owned by Loblaws.


Also from Alberta Canada!!

I find that Safeway actually carries A LOT of vegan/vegetarian options for food, as far as a regular grocery story goes. I've definitely seen soy/vegan cheeses there before. But, if one is near by Planet Organic has pretty much everything.



Great to hear there are other Albertans around  :).
I generally find everything I need at my local Save On Foods (vegenaise and soy cheese included), with the exception of a couple items at a health food store (for nooch and the like). Costco is great for buying lots of food to freeze, though their selection is a fairly limited when it comes to fake meat/dairy products (great if you live in a small town and only go to Edmonton or Calgary once in a while). If you're way out in the boonies, you should try talking to the owner or manager of your local store, they'll often bring in specialty items on request that they wouldn't know there was a market for otherwise. I hope that helps.

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