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Another Newbie

Hi! I'm another newbie! My name is Tiffany.I'm married with three kids. I have been vegan for just over a week now, and I'm really loving it. I decided to make the switch after reading Breaking the Food Seduction. It recommends trying a vegan diet for 3 weeks, so that's what I decided to do. To my surprise my meat-loving husband decided to try it with me (he said he figured that was the best way to support me.) We figured we'd do the three weeks and then reevaluate, but I don't really see myself going back. We've already talked about it and figure that at least at home we will only have vegan foods. We're still talking about things like eating out and my husband's lunches at work (that has been the hardest part for him, since a lot of the restaurants he and his coworkers usually choose are not vegan friendly.)

Right now the only hard part is that I'm dealing with a very itching rash, but from what I've found it may just be a detoxification rash from switching so suddenly to healthier foods. It's almost entirely cleared up now, and other than that I am feeling great!

congrats on the switch! welcome to vegweb!!


yeah its interesting what drastic changes can do to you. I remember reading somewhere or the other that if a person who eats unhealthy all the time, and then suddenly switches to very healthy foods they can actually get sick. It takes time to adjust to any kind of drastic change. lucky theirs a vegweb to help that transition.  :)


Welcome to VegWeb!!  Congratulations on the switch!

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