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Another "Hi I'm new" intro.

*Yet another person trying to figure out what to write in their introduction*.

This website looks really great & unlike a lot of others, the forums are actually being used.

I've been vegan since late 2007 (I think? I can't quite remember) & live in an omnivourous family. I have several animal companions, less than I used to. My mother used to joke and say that the house was like a petting zoo. It's a little crowded with a rottweiler in a two bedroom unit but surprisingly, they are great apartment dogs & with two walks a day he's pretty content to just sleep for the rest of the time lol.

I would one day like to work with animals as a full time career. Considering that I dropped out of high school I'm having a hard time finding a course that I can actually apply to do, but there must be something out there. However volunteering at the SPCA is a good first step which I am going to do at their next volunteer intake.

Hmm, I'm not sure what else to write =/
That's all then!  :)



Thanks.  :)
Glad to be here.


welcome! glad to have another vegan here. this site is AMAZING.


welcome! there are a few other active members on this board in NZ, as well!


Nice to meet you!

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