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25 year meat eater gone Vegan.


My name is Charlene and I was previously a meat eater. For 25 years I was eating meat. I am 100lbs overweight and had a heart attack last december. I have high sugar, high colestorol, and I never have energy.

A good Vegan friend of mine told me about this diet and sent me a whole bunch of information on what they do to the meat and dairy before it gets to us. I was disgusted! I then went to the fridge and threw out everything meat and dairy! I couldn't even fathom eating one more bite.

Today is my first day as a Vegan and I tried the Spinish and Bean Quesadilla and tonight for dinner i'm going to try the Easy Vegan Stirfry. The Quesadillia was absolutly delish! Just to think yesterday I couldn't imagine my life without meat. Today I couldn't imagine my life with it!

Congrats to you on making such a big change!  Don't forget to ask if you have questions or need support!

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