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somethings eating my vegetables :(

I had like 10 almost ready bell peppers when they started to disappear... they were gone within 3 days (the critter kept coming back for more) also my tomato plant was demolished as well... how do u keep critters away from ur veggies? Mine r outside on my patio (I live in a condo).

Pictures of the damage? (i'm a veggie judging nerd so i might be able to tell what it is and how to get rid of it. haha). Most people i know simply put water and soap in a spray bottle and just spray the plants every now and then.


i believe it was a racoon


You can put a fence around the garden or little cages around the plants, but a raccoon is a pretty powerful critter and will probably get what he wants.  I had a groundhog devour my romaine crop and trample what he didn't eat last year.  I saw him in there.  He came by once or twice then moved on.  You can grow peppers and tomatoes in big pots on a balcony or bring them in at night if you get desperate.


Sorry, it was me.. I nibbled on your patch.

OHHH NOOO. That sounded so terribly wrong..
and yet I'm still going to post it.


lol ur funny

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