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Reusing ______

KMK started a thread about bottles... but I had something else in mind.
lately, everyone seems to be on this "reuse" kick, and stores sell things made from everything from used chip bags to... whatever else.
anyways, why are we buying our own garbage back from them??

does anyone know how to reuse things like chip bags, capri sun drinks, et cetera?
Could you just laminate them and turn them into a tote bag? hmmm.

I plan to google this, but I just thought it would be awesome if we all made something. :)

They cut all art programs from our local schools last year.

These don't have lids.


any preschool would be thrilled to get them.


are you a member of freecycle?
i bet youd find someone to take them.

people use them for seed starts in gardening.

we used a bunch in my art program the other day. we cut them into strips from the top (bottom still connected to all strips). then wove yarn into the sections from the bottom up. the end result looks like a cup made of yarn. the kids loved it!

where do you live that they cut all arts?
classroom teachers might still like them.


I'm a member of freecycle but have never used it before. Thanks for the ideas! I really want to try to think of something that I can do with them though. Maybe I'll just keep collecting them and make sure to grow a lot more plants in the spring.


Oooh, good idea!  I save practically every container that I buy.  For example, I use an old olive oil bottle as a nooch shaker.  It's got the little spouting thing at the top so the nooch just fluffs out the top.  I save every bottle, jar, bin, lidded can, etc.  Then I don't have to buy tupperware.

:o  That's an AWESOME idea!  totally stealing!

My nooch is stored in an old glass peanut butter jar, as are some of my bulk herbs.  I have always saved plastic margarine tubs, and I have been known to ravel old sweaters for the yarn.  I have some mittens, a scarf and a hood made from old sweaters.


These ideas are absolutely AMAZING!
I'm completely enamored by the bottle cap crocheting. I love crocheting; I have to try this! :)

Also, I, like many here, save jars and secure plastic containers for storage use and replacement tupperware.
It makes me happy that I'm not the only one who does this. ^^


I got several plastic crisper boxes from  refrigerators that no longer work.  My wife and I drilled holes in the bottoms and they work great for container gardening herbs.


I up cycle my funky burlap brown rice bags into plastic bag dispencers for when I forget my reusable grocery bags, and  i also wad and tie in knots plastic mesh tomato/garlic type bags to scrub pots with


I love to reuse spaghetti jars. I have tons in my pantry that are full of nuts, rice, beans, nutrtional yeast. I also use them to drink out of. I figure it's better to use those than buy new glasses. Besides, regular glasses aren't big enough for my camel drinking ways.



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