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preserving food

I see we have quite a few gardeners I'm assuming I'm not the only one who loves to preserve.  I'm working towards the point where where I can put up enough to get through until the next growing season.  I've been dehydrating all along, which is awesome.  But with that goal in mind I just learned how to can.  In the last week I did pinto beans, black beans, dandelion jelly, and veggie broth :)  I know it's a little early for preserving from the garden, but I'm sure I'm not the only one having fun canning up dry goods ...and probably some sale produce to practice on before harvest time.


Oh that is an awesome thread!  Them cheez itz were yummo too.  I dehydrated all of my garden excess last year too, still got jars left :)  It works out great in soups during the winter, they rehydrate perfectly.


I can applesauce and peach jam that I sweeten with juice concentrate.  I mostly freeze fruit to put into smoothies.

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