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Homemade health and beauty products

Hi everyone!

I'm new to the group here so first off hello everyone!  I am planning to go raw this lent so I'll be definantly be around for recipies and advice when I get there!

What I'd like to ask for now is if anyone has any great all natural homemade recipies for products like conditioner, styling products,facial wash, toner, lotions, ect.  I want to start making all my own products.  Thank you for any help!


humm, maybe i'm nuts but i swear there used to be health/beauty recipes on here...maybe i just can't find them. a lot of what i see uses things like eggs and bee wax and honey....blah! i'm still looking for a good chapstick recipe myself. arg. i dont really use products. i wash my hair like once a month (if even..usually if it gets all nasty from camping or something) and use a face wash from the co-op. i've done some of the ones on these sites when i was trying to be more "girly". wait, i use baking soda as a face scrub and sugar can be used too (doesn't taste as salty...)  ;D

i googled around and found these pages. not all are 100% vegan (have eggs, beewax, honey) but they have several vegan ones or ones that could easily veganized. they have some good ideas:

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