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Guerrilla Gardening

Dunno if this is really news... might be debate.

I'm watching a television programme mainly to do with growing your own food, and though it was pretty creepy when the hose was talking about raising his little baby ducklings for slaughter, and likewise a bit Lovett watching them grind up a pig that had been snuffling about on screen twenty seconds before...

They're now onto a bit about 'guerrilla gardening' - ignoring the council and just planting fruit and vegetables all over the place. In ignored corners of parks, by the side of the road, between houses, on bits of land people don't really know who owns anymore anyway.

I think it's a great idea. More fresh healthy food, freely available. Cheap food, too! And I think it would build community, too, to have a sort of underground secret society of veggies.


you can also plant around poles that a mower cant get to. in flower pots in the city that dont get weeded.  i love the idea!  i think its awesome.  i guess the only thing you have to really think about is which plants will grow without any help.  like.  in texas.  tomatoes can grow easily without any help, but green beans are more difficult.  i think at least.


I knew this priest once in Nova Scotia Canada who grew beans along this country road and they grew up the fence. This was for quite a distance. I always worry about the pollution. But I do plant Jerusalem Artichokes in many wierd places, some which I never get back to, so don't see how they did. They seem to grow any place I plant them on my property. I also have a wild potato garden which I have not replanted for three years but which continues producing potatoes, even when I try to dig every last one out. So I know they would work. A lot of plants are from hybrid seed so even if they do grow back they are not much good for food. I think it is a great idea and I am going to try it more. I do forage lots of wild plants so my plan will be to carry some seeds and plant them where I am gathering and see what happens. Of course I live in the middle of no where where there is lots of unused ground but I really thank you for the idea.


gonzo gardening has been on my mind all year but too much other going on. thinking of germinating low maintenance, easily recognizable veg and planting through out city for all. but peas are all i can come up with. ideas? some people dont have kitchens so something eaten raw would be important also


You can take a page from Masanobu Fukoka.  Put seeds in small balls of clay with fertilizer and toss them all over the place.  The clay will melt allowing the seeds to sprout when they are ready.



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