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growing trees from cuttings...?

Do they need leaves?

I have 3 mulberry cuttings in jars in my window and all of them are getting roots but only one still has a leaf on it.  Each of them started with 2-3 leaves, but they've turned yellow and fallen off.  I don't know if I should plant them in the ground or leave them in the jars, or throw them away and start with new cuttings....

<-------not very good at gardening.  But I really want a mulberry tree.

Id probably just go ahead and plant them. You could probably start them off in large pots, to see how they do for a bit, then transplant into the ground outside. I dont know how the weather is where you are, but obviously, you want to wait to plant when the conditions are good. ie: not winter! lol.


(((((LA)))))  :)>>>




The best time to plant a native is in the late fall/winter when it's dormant to reduce transplant shock.  I'd plant them now and hope for the best.


I'm in Australia so it's late spring/summer here, so I guess I should wait a while to plant them?  I don't know, I read that spring was the best time to take cuttings because they're in "growing mode".  I guess I'll leave them in the jars so I can see if the roots keep growing, and if they don't I'll assume they're dead and try again next year.


I'm in Australia so it's late spring/summer here

stop bragging.


Um.  I knew you were in Austrialia.  I was just testing you to see if you knew.  Yeah, that's it.  ::)

I don't know if the tree is native to where you are.  I know for native shrubs and trees you should plant them before spring.

This has totally different info, tho'.

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