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Growing Herbs In Home

My boyfriend and I are trying to spruce up our house that is in the middle of a makeover (it's more like a full on demolition!). We have great lighting even though we are in the middle of Philly. I'm looking for some suggestions on great herbs and indoor plants to grow, for not only the air purification aspect, but also for cooking/ tea purposes. So far, we've decided on Jasmine and Mint, and our Basil is doing just fine. Any Vegfriend favorites or 'gotta have' suggestions?
Thank you kindly!

We recently moved into a house with a garden where we were finally able to plant our herbs in the ground. But they lived happily in pots for years before that. In addition to mint and basil, like you, we have oregano, thyme, chives, sage, flat-leaf parsley, lemon balm, pineapple sage, pizza thyme (a blend of oregano and thyme in one plant)... and the only thing I'm missing is marjoram, oregano's yummy, sweeter cousin. Have you tried lemon balm for tea? It's really lovely. Lemon verbena, too. Ooh, I should get one of those myself. :)>>>


Lemon Balm, no, actually I haven't. We are both big tea drinkers, so I will definitely look into it! Thank you!
We have pretty heavy light on two floors (great morning light in the east rooms and evening light in the west ones) and light to medium light on the street level. Most stay pretty warm with the exception of the kitchen on the bottom level. It was an add- on to the house, and we were thinking of transplanting jasmine and moss to the roof of the kitchen for better insulation.
I'll try some of your suggestions out, as I am working on making my thumb a little greener!
(The verbena is a good call too! I would have never thought of that!)


Herbs are very pretty plants, usually. They look wonderful in flower, and then they just keep on growing. :)>>> Hope your indoor garden works out for you.

Re: lemon verbena... I've had tea made with it fresh, and dried. Don't bother with the dried - it doesn't even compare. ::) Actually, same goes for lemon balm. And if you can keep your plants small - which you would if you kept them in pots - the flavour is more intense. ;)b


I love my rosemary plant - its the only one that I can't kill.  And it smells so good.


Rosemary is a definite! And if it's not easy to kill, then I AM IN! hehe

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