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Garden Harvest 2010!!

I want to start a thread about our veggie harvests this summer and fall to brag and swap info on certain veggies and varieties. 

So far, i've picked one ear of corn, several cucumbers, green beans and a few ripe tomatoes.  The tomatoes just came in the last few days.  Granted they were 3 cherries, 6 currants and one Principe Borghese.  Still, its taken some time for them to get to this stage.  I'm estatic for any tomatoes even tiny ones.  The Principe Borghese was very tasty.

Pics coming soon!

We've had a ton of salad greens the last couple months, as well as green onions, lots of different herbs, garlic, nasturtiums, peas, beans, radishes, and the zucchini just started fruiting a few weeks ago. our raspberries are just about finished now - we have lots in the freezer! soon there will be pears and apples, and our tomatoes should be ready any day now :)

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