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Check out my Handiwork :)

Hey Everyone!

I'm not much of a crafty person--but sometimes the mood strikes me and I just have to make something! Well this last time around I decided to custom make a jacket pimped out with lots of vegan stuff--so I did! I went down to the salvation army and found a great beat up army type jacket, then I made a "vegan" stencil and spray painted it across the back. I found this great fuscia and skulls fabric so I made a lining and cuffs out of it. I also added some vegan buttons that say things like "Vegan army" and "go veg or die". I added some cute buttons here and there and actually have a few more that I just haven't found time to sew on--but overall it looks pretty cool--I'm not a great sewer--but I think I did all right, it has a fun grungy look and even though it's too big on me--I still like wearing it :)

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