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Camping this summer

Got back from our first camping trip and it was a success! We know a leisurely campground with a total garden setting and a rushing creek that puts you to sleep like a baby. I'll have to post a pic or 2 if this thread survives.

Our vegan meals-
potato insano (campfire baked potato with topping after topping)
Vegan chili cheese dogs
tofu scrambler for breakfast
dark chocolate and cherries for dessert
sandwiches and salad for lunch

Activities at this campground are epic mountain bike trails (50+), ping pong tables, badmitton, and board games. Sitting by the creek relaxing was nice too after a hard bike ride.

If anyone wants to know of the campground it's in the lake tahoe area, and totally quiet (except for the creek). There were only 3 or 4 sites taken out of 30+ on the weekend, and ours was across a bridge over the creek surrounded by trees and plants. Great weather too.

It was nice to not forget anything for once-  Our next trip will be a lightbacker to a warm lake (hot spring underneath) that has a ZIPLINE installed by ski lift mechanics and ropeswings. There's still snow there so it'll be 3 weeks or so

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