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Bag Strap Help

I'm making a bag.  The strap was supposed to be the same as the exterior material, but I've decided I want the strap to be a guitar strap instead.  I'm going to sew in nubs of the original strap and sew a button or something to it to secure the guitar strap.

The exterior is dark grey upholstery fabric and the flap lining is a blue and green flower pattern.  The interior liner is orange with green striped pockets.

I'm not sure which strap to get.  I was thinking the orange one, but I'll be taking the bag to Ireland with me and I don't want to stand out too much.  I'm kind of really digging on the grey victorian one.  They're all Couch.

Thanks. Now I need to figure out how to tune it!


Haha you're always trying to get everyone to love Neil Young. Good luck, Minke!


^-^  I'm a Rustie, what can I say?  Neil is awesome.

Minke - Get an electronic tuner, if you can.  You clip them onto your guitar, play each string, and it tells you if you're in tune.  You can get one from a local music store, but if you need to order something else at the same time to get the order to $25 you can probably get a good price on Amazon with free shipping.


I actually think I might have a couple of music shops near me, I'll go and check them out! From what I remember these things are really popular. Thanks again!


um i agree with HH, neil young f'n rocks! Good stuffs to learn from... I need a tuner someday... The clip ons look great. Good luck finding something minke! Let us know how you do.


Price check them first.  I got one for $30 from a local music store, but it's pretty rubbish on bottom E (the thickest string).  I think you could get one from Amazon for $15.


Another Neil fan in da house!


harvest moon was one of my first vinyls.... I almost need a new copy :)>>>

also if i was ever a make a wish kid, i would play the broom for the song harvest moon in concert with neil... but i dont have a terminal illness nor am i a kid any more...


That's awesome!  :)>>>  I'm so happy to meet another rustie.

My friend has been a Neil fan since birth.  She has all of her parent's Neil vinyl.  He holds a benefit concert in the Bay Area each fall, the Bridge School Benefit, that she talked me into attending with her in 1999.  Each year we camp with other rusties for nearly a week, play all Neil all the time, and it's good. In 1999 I didn't even know he sang Old Man.  I have since developed love for the man with the fervor of those born again.  They do a caravan from Seattle down to the Bay Area in case you ever feel like catching a ride to the show.  The rust group ( organizes it (

Now I love anything that reads, "I <3 NY"

Yes, yes I do.



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