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ATC swap! thread - sign up here

This is a branch off of the artist trading cards thread

If you have questions about what to do and what this is about, please see the thread posted above.

This is a SIGN UP for our first round of swaps!  DUE MAY 10 in my HOT LITTLE HANDS

The themes are (you can pick 1 or more)

--Surprise (anything you want to make - it will be a surprise)

For each theme you want to do, you will send 3 cards and get 3 back. Hopefully there will be enough so I can swap you within theme but, if not, then you'll get a mix.

Cards need to be 2.5x3.5 inches. You can use any medium you wish. Please avoid heavy embellishments/thick cards (like 1/4 inch, not like cardstock). Please send stuff you are proud of. Most of us are not "artist" but the fun of doing ATCs is that we can share our unique artistic ways of doing things. Cards that are not to size will be returned to you.

Let us know in the thread which themes you are gonna make and send for. I set the due date in a little over a month.


On the back, please label the card with your name, user name (vegweb or ATCs or both), and the name of your card if you have one. You can also label it "vegweb swap" and the date so people can remember where the card was from.

If you have an account on atcsforall, let me know and i'll give you itrader feedback since you mailed to me.

Once ready, MESSAGE ME for my address and send me your cards (see other thread for links).

Everyone: please send a LABEL with your address on it. I'll supply envelopes

US: please send postage equal to the cost to mail your envelop. 3 cards are 1 stamp, more cards might cost more. If you feel lazy or want to help with international postage, you can send me a $1 to cover your postage.

International: if you are outside the US, I'll pay to ship your stuff back.

Shortly after the deadline, I will swap around the cards and mail out the packages to people.

Quickie Reminders

-Everyone is welcome to play! Even if your work is "stick figures", if you put time and care into your work that's fine!
-If you have questions, check out the link above or send me a PM.

So who wants to play? I'll update this list as people sign up. i'm going to do a general list, no theme lists. but theme away!

faunablues - GOT
L2A's noah - GOT
algae -GOT
permanentgrin - GOT


I will do some surprise ones.
probably just that-so i need to make 3, right?


I'll do the animal category.  I'm open to receive from any category.


Yay! I'm excited to get started. :) Please sign me up for the surprise category. I am open to receive from any categoryas well.

I may sign up later for another category, but I want to make sure I have plenty of time to make three quality cards first. Thanks for organizing this BP!


What do people typically make these on? Flash cards?


I'm not very "arty" but I'd love to do this! Sign me up for the surprise category since I'm still not sure what to make.

Are index cards okay for size? They're 3x5, but I can cut them down a lil if need be.


cards need to be 2.5x3.5 inches. so you can cut down unlined index cards to the proper size. i think most people cut down art paper with a paper cutter but some buy the precut blanks.

ah texans4tofu - i'm not very "arty" either. art is in the eye of the beholder!

anyone who is unsure can look at the gallery here: . it can give you some idea about how atcs work.


I'll do the animal category.


Is it okay if I just start making some cards and see what they end up as before signing up for a category? I definitely want to be a part of this. I'm just not good at making choices.


that's fine. i just thought it would be good to know who was playing.

also, that is what i'm doing. i do a lot of images of people..... but it seems i might do some animals here :)


I'm changing mine to people.  Why?  I warmed up my skillz so I could make animals by making peeps and now I have three peeps completed.  I might still do animals, since I have one done.

I posted them if you want to peek, bp.


I know Noah is a kid, but could he join our little swap? i mean, who wouldn't want a noah original?!!!
So he would do 3 and i would do 3


Shhh.  I wanted it to be a surprise for people.  Does my remedial art stand out that much?!?  Drat.

If Noah does it, I want one of his cards.  I CALL DIBS!

(But that doesn't mean any of you can undib my cards.)


L2A, of course he can join! what category(s) do you two want to play in?


we will probably just do surprise...and of them may be an animal or a person!

i just thought it was you because they were new and you spelled peeps the same. i will delete that post! :)

and i don't care which theme i receive. it should probably all be that way so we get more variety?


oh wow i'm so confused. i made a list of players. as long as you do sets of 3 you can do whatever theme you wanna!


I AM DONE.  I did both people and animals.  Booya.

^ Yes.  That's showing off.


well then. show off. :)


Ooh, a way to be creative and procrastinate at the same time?  I'll play.  I have 2 animal to come up with a 3rd....


I just realized that by my mailing two sets (animals and people), I threw off the numbers for the exchange.  Feel free to double up my cards for some people.

On another note, I haven't been to work yet this week (I'm sick).  I'm going to work tomorrow so I'll have a chance to look for the sports card sleeves for people who can't find atc sleeves.  There's a card place on my commute.


I did the first step and cut my paper into the right size.
I have no clue where I'm going to find sleeves for these guys.



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