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ATC swap! thread - sign up here

This is a branch off of the artist trading cards thread

If you have questions about what to do and what this is about, please see the thread posted above.

This is a SIGN UP for our first round of swaps!  DUE MAY 10 in my HOT LITTLE HANDS

The themes are (you can pick 1 or more)

--Surprise (anything you want to make - it will be a surprise)

For each theme you want to do, you will send 3 cards and get 3 back. Hopefully there will be enough so I can swap you within theme but, if not, then you'll get a mix.

Cards need to be 2.5x3.5 inches. You can use any medium you wish. Please avoid heavy embellishments/thick cards (like 1/4 inch, not like cardstock). Please send stuff you are proud of. Most of us are not "artist" but the fun of doing ATCs is that we can share our unique artistic ways of doing things. Cards that are not to size will be returned to you.

Let us know in the thread which themes you are gonna make and send for. I set the due date in a little over a month.


On the back, please label the card with your name, user name (vegweb or ATCs or both), and the name of your card if you have one. You can also label it "vegweb swap" and the date so people can remember where the card was from.

If you have an account on atcsforall, let me know and i'll give you itrader feedback since you mailed to me.

Once ready, MESSAGE ME for my address and send me your cards (see other thread for links).

Everyone: please send a LABEL with your address on it. I'll supply envelopes

US: please send postage equal to the cost to mail your envelop. 3 cards are 1 stamp, more cards might cost more. If you feel lazy or want to help with international postage, you can send me a $1 to cover your postage.

International: if you are outside the US, I'll pay to ship your stuff back.

Shortly after the deadline, I will swap around the cards and mail out the packages to people.

Quickie Reminders

-Everyone is welcome to play! Even if your work is "stick figures", if you put time and care into your work that's fine!
-If you have questions, check out the link above or send me a PM.

So who wants to play? I'll update this list as people sign up. i'm going to do a general list, no theme lists. but theme away!

faunablues - GOT
L2A's noah - GOT
algae -GOT
permanentgrin - GOT


I got my cards today and they are all so so so so so amazing!!  If someone doesn't post the scan of them soon, I'll take pics and post!

I love them thank you to HH for organising it all.  And thanks to HH, algae and CW for my fantastic cards.  I'm a bit in awe of all your skills.


I got my cards today and they are all so so so so so amazing!!  If someone doesn't post the scan of them soon, I'll take pics and post!

I have the scans and will post them as soon as I get home from work. :)


Oh man these are all so awesome. Sorry I've been away from vegweb and not commenting recently. I go through phases on here I guess and sometimes I just don't have the zeit und lust to post. Anyway, I'm so glad that I participated again and get to see all of the cards this time around! Go hh for organizing and scanning and be all around amazing! I love all the different cards for the different themes. That Lisa and David one sure is great.

CW, I'm sorry that you got the card that was meant for minke but I'm glad that you still like it. Thanks for the compliment! All of your cards are so amazing! I got the Quad-Camels in the Sun card. So good!
Minke, you should have participated like you were going to!
Pg, I love the Night Owl, as did my bf. And it describes me all too well.
Sarah, this is the 2nd carrot I've gotten from you! I thought that was so funny :)
Thank you so much everyone!


dude. I'm pretty sure I like HH's camel card more than any of mine.

Thank You, ALG! ...I'm cleaning up the frames I got from James' aunt the other day, and there's one reserved just for "Minke and Gull."
...and I guess this means Minke will have to participate in the next swap to get her very own ALG original. ;)


dude. I'm pretty sure I like HH's camel card more than any of mine.

shell gets the prize for being the most inspiring - there were five camel cards.  :)


Sorry everyone. With the mix of school stuff piling up on me, problems at home and the numerous snow storms hitting us it just wasn't going to happen. Maybe another time.


I'd LOVE to be involved in this swap!  I like making crafts and browsing craft sites, but I've been too intimidated till now to participate in a sawp.  But now--BRING IT ON!  I can't wait to try!


Hi!  We get inspired to do this once a year or so.  If you see the thread popping up a bunch, then you'll know people are mulling over ATC Swap III.



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