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ATC swap! thread - sign up here

This is a branch off of the artist trading cards thread

If you have questions about what to do and what this is about, please see the thread posted above.

This is a SIGN UP for our first round of swaps!  DUE MAY 10 in my HOT LITTLE HANDS

The themes are (you can pick 1 or more)

--Surprise (anything you want to make - it will be a surprise)

For each theme you want to do, you will send 3 cards and get 3 back. Hopefully there will be enough so I can swap you within theme but, if not, then you'll get a mix.

Cards need to be 2.5x3.5 inches. You can use any medium you wish. Please avoid heavy embellishments/thick cards (like 1/4 inch, not like cardstock). Please send stuff you are proud of. Most of us are not "artist" but the fun of doing ATCs is that we can share our unique artistic ways of doing things. Cards that are not to size will be returned to you.

Let us know in the thread which themes you are gonna make and send for. I set the due date in a little over a month.


On the back, please label the card with your name, user name (vegweb or ATCs or both), and the name of your card if you have one. You can also label it "vegweb swap" and the date so people can remember where the card was from.

If you have an account on atcsforall, let me know and i'll give you itrader feedback since you mailed to me.

Once ready, MESSAGE ME for my address and send me your cards (see other thread for links).

Everyone: please send a LABEL with your address on it. I'll supply envelopes

US: please send postage equal to the cost to mail your envelop. 3 cards are 1 stamp, more cards might cost more. If you feel lazy or want to help with international postage, you can send me a $1 to cover your postage.

International: if you are outside the US, I'll pay to ship your stuff back.

Shortly after the deadline, I will swap around the cards and mail out the packages to people.

Quickie Reminders

-Everyone is welcome to play! Even if your work is "stick figures", if you put time and care into your work that's fine!
-If you have questions, check out the link above or send me a PM.

So who wants to play? I'll update this list as people sign up. i'm going to do a general list, no theme lists. but theme away!

faunablues - GOT
L2A's noah - GOT
algae -GOT
permanentgrin - GOT


I'm just an observer (you've seen my *lack of* skills), but you are all awesome!!!!


These are awesome! I'm so glad that I get to see all of them this time around. It really is cool how everyone used such different media. I can't wait to see the rest!


I got mine in the mail yesterday!!  Love them!! :) Will do a follow-up post shortly.


alg - Minke and Gull

They're all so awesome! This one is my fave of course!


I just can't get over how awesome all the cards are.

...the pics of uS and llg's don't do them justice, because they're so sparkly and colourful IRL. Gonna put those up in a spot that gets plenty of sunlight...

alg, Yours is bloody beautiful. I'm reserving a coral-coloured patch of wall to put that one on.

and PG, did You know that I LOVE silhouettes/cutouts? All of Yours that I've seen so far are fanfrickintastic. ...and it's funny, the owl I posted earlier was based in part on a black paper cutout + ink drawing I did for a class in college (I plan to send that one to my old prof, who really liked that drawing).

l2a, did You know that I used to love Fat Tire? Back when I actually drank beer, that is... the tile thing is such a great idea!

And now I've got an original piece of Noah artwork! James and I saw it, and (quite possibly in unison) said "ahhhwesome." That kid is goin' places.

....I can't wait 'til the next ATC exchange! :D


hh - Lisa & David at the Homestead (art imitating art)
David has a silver sheen that you can't really see over his body because he's a statue irl.

this is just bloody wonderful.


Thanks.  :)


Thank you for being a fantastic organizer hh!!! This needs to happen more often, while I work on my art skills. haha.


whoaaaaa did Shell make that card just for Sarah?  Too awesome!! : )

You guys are all superstars!!


I know!  The rainbow unicorn is sooo obviously uS, and she sent me a huge sunflower in the last gift exchange I did.

1.  I post pics of the cards as they are received.
2.  I'm going to be away from computer access next week.
3.  If the oversees peeps haven't received their cards by Saturday, would any of you who have already received your cards (or willing folk who didn't participate) be willing to post the pics if I send them to you?  There're only three people left for whom to post pics:  alg, pg & shell.



hh - Lisa & David at the Homestead (art imitating art)
David has a silver sheen that you can't really see over his body because he's a statue irl.

This card was lovely!  I could tell how much work hh put into it! :)

cw - Deerly

I don't even know how to describe this one..... The way cw broke down the pieces drawn is really cool to me!

pg - Hummingbird (black cut-out over paint)

Love the cutouts and paint colors!!

I think I will be even more inspired for the next one of these that I (am able to) participate in!  Thanks to everyone that participated and hh for her awesomesauce organizing. 

**hh ~ I can post the pics if you send them to me when alg, pg & shell receive their cards.**


yep, I totally made that card with uS in mind.  She had to have that one really!


The fun part is that Shell didn't specify that the card go to uS, but we all immediately recognized it must be hers.

Thanks, llg!  I'll fb message you the remaining pictures Saturday.  (I gave you the hummingbird because they hate gloomy, rainy days, too.)


I got mine today!  I absolutely love all of them!  Thanks so much hh for being an awesome organizer!


they are all so so so amazing.  Can't wait to get mine!!

I'm gonna get a frame tomorrow to put them in so I can hang them up properly : )


The dragon by Noah is really impressive.

Shell, the idea of a carrot being abducted cracks me up.  ;D

Algae's sunset painting is just freaking gorgeous.

HH's warthog is adorable (love how s/he's holding a flower!).

L2A, your art (from what I've seen) reminds me of the cool artwork that you sometimes see in magazines.

LLG, I love the beads!  I also would love to hang out on a tropical beach.  As long as they allow dogs off-leash.  :)

I seriously love all my cards.  I hope we do another exchange soon!


I am by no means complaining about the cards I did get (because again, YAAAY for my loot), but hotdiggitydamn... I am envious of that carrot abduction card.
.... and You said that You're not artistic, Shell. Pshhaw.

OH, I got some sweet little frames today from James' aunt (plus a TON of antique clothing and other goodies), and I plan on matting/framing some of my cards in them! I've only got 3 little frames, so I'll put the others in French mat frames so they don't feel too left out. :)



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