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90 heirloom tomato varieties...what to do?

Oh, I did it again.  I have way too many seeds.  Most I saved from last year.  There is also a very good deal at BlueRibbon Tomatoes on ebay.  20 varieties for $10.  How could I resist!  Bought two sets last year and one this year.  Also, bought a few from each seed company I order from and several from Tomatofest.  There is so many lovely types of tomatoes.  I want to grow them all.  It is an addiction.  I will probably end up giving plants and seeds to everyone I know.  Which is great, because I don't think they would grow a garden if I didn't shove a tomato plant and some packages of seeds in their face.

I am also trying to grow more of my own food.  So, I have been recieving large envelops and even a small box of seeds in the mail.  Probably growing every type of edible crop known to man.  Does anyone else have this problem?  The seed discription in catalogs are too alluring to resist.

Oh, well!  I will probably end up donating some extra seeds to some gardening organization.  I will also end up doing this again next year and the year after thatn and the year after get the picture.

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