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would you eat meat if it were humanely raised and humanely slaughtered?

if there is such a thing as "humanely slaughtered".

My answer to the question of eating "humanely slaughtered" animals is the same as to the question "Would I eat my humanely treated and humanely slaughtered pet? Or any dog, cat, or parakeet? If it is so humanely treated, then what's the problem?
Clearly, it's not a question of humane treatment, but of ethical living.


Absolutely not because it still involves killing.  Also, killing is very rarely a non stressful event, no matter how "humane" but the truth is, even "humanely" raised animals are still killed the regular way...via standard slaughter houses.

I especially don't eat meat because it involves killing of innocent beings who want to live. I believe that killing creates a negative atmosphere and harms us all and is just wrong. I want a peaceful life/community and planet and in order to get there we have to stop the killing. I also think eating meat harms us on a spiritual/mental/emotional level.  I don't want to go there.


IMO, raising an animal solely for the purpose of obtaining its milk, eggs or flesh leads to the obvious conclusion that it's nothing more than a product. I think that to be truly ethical you have to think of something as being on the same level as you - not as a meat/milk/egg machine.

There's also the question of judging when an animal has suitably lived out its life. When is it okay to decide that an animal is ready to become meat? No matter what, you're cutting its life short.

So, in short, no, I wouldn't feel comfortable with that.



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