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Wool Coat

I just recently bought a large purchase, a wool coat. I am a relatively new vegan and assumed that this would be fine since I thought that sheep weren't hurt during the process of shearing. But I looked it up, and I was incredibly wrong. Should I keep the coat or give it away/sell it? I think I would feel better about it if I new whether or not it was from factory-farmed sheep. Is there a way I can tell if the company uses wool that's factory-farmed?

could you return the coat and get your money back or store credit and get a more suitable coat?
(warning!  Down is not harvested


I meant: (warning: Down is not harvested sustainably so best to avoid it)


There are alternative polyester based fibers that are equal or better than down.  Just look at the label.  I believe that they are cheaper than down coats.


No, I can't return it =[


Sell it!  You may not get all your money back, but at least you'll get some.  Or you could donate it to a shelter.


Wool is a by product of the meat industry, whether 'organic' or not. I'd say sell it on ebay and give the money to an animal sanctuary to make up for it.


That depends on how you want to look at it.
If you really, really love it and will wear it 'til it's no longer wearable, then keep it.

But if it's just going to sit in your closet - sell it! Take it to a Consignment store, put it in Ebay, or give it to someone you know wants one.
By doing so, you've just saved some sheep, because whomever buys this used coat is not going to buy a new coat.

it doesn't make you unvegan, because you bought it prevegan.

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