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Wool argument with (vegan) boyfriend

Last night, my boyfriend and I had an argument about wool. He was saying that he was looking for a good quality wool sweater that had the wool supplied by "ethical" farmers that did not practice mulesing.
I told him that this is stupid, because mulesing or not, wool isn't vegan, period. I showed him an article explaining about all the terrible things that go on in the wool industry. I was hoping he'd see my point and admit that I'm right, since, you know, he's vegan as well.
No such luck. He had a lot of vague, dead-end arguments, such as "You have to draw the line somewhere," "I could purchase some sustainable farmed wool yarn and have a friend knit it for me," etc.
It sounds to me like he's just looking for an excuse to wear wool, which is lame. I don't get why so many people see wool as such a gray area. It's not. They may as well be wearing leather, in my opinion.


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