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What would you say in this situation?

I've been growing very distant from this friend within the past year since parting ways and attending university. But for a while we still used to talk online (facebook, mostly). Somehow, we got into a disagreement at some point in time and we no longer talk, civilly. Now every time I post something about veganism on my page, or whenever I update my blog she says something derogatory about my being vegan, and just about me in general. A real friend wouldn't call another friend a "pretentious, hipster-bitch." It's just getting to bother me. Should I simply ignore her, or stick up for myself. No matter what I say, she finds something very negative to say in rebuttal.

Contrary to what you see on TV and in movies, few people remain friends with their highschool group all through life, unless you never move from your hometown. These days people scatter, have different lives than they did growing up, and you find yourself just having nothing in common anymore. If like me you move countries, you may find yourself trying to continue a friendship online and just getting no response anymore. (I don't count cutesy "friendship" forwards that the person sends to everyone in their address book because they feel guilty about not contacting you). If this person is being hostile, as someone else has mentioned, they probably have a lot of issues in their own life and it is "safe" to take it out on you by proxy.



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