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what food do you miss the most?

I'm sure this has already been addressed in some other post, but there are WAY to many to look through.  I was wondering, since becoming vegan, which food do you miss the most from your preveggie days?  And please don't say, "I don't miss anything" or something to that effect.  I personally miss cheddar cheese.  Can't say that i miss anything else as much, seems everything else i can find suitable replacement for, but have not found a good replacement for the cheese.  No I have not tried Diaya (sp?) yet, can't find it anywhere near where I live, and not a fan of buying just 1 or 2 items on line.

p.s.  Just out of curiosity, why do some spell vegan, veg*n? 

I sort of miss being able to drunkenly eat. I'm so worried I'll make a stupid mistake when I'm drunk and eat something not vegan, so I try not to eat unless I am 1000% sure it's vegan.  Or I make it myself with my ingredients.

Drunk munchies lol... just bust out the hummus and crackers and you're set :)


you can't lower price the treatment qualities of meals great in anti-oxidants like vit c, which vegetarians get in variety, It would be very difficult to persuade me that this doesn't help battle...


pt emr


I miss the pizza from my very favorite pizza shop growing up :)


Pizza. I love vegan pizza, don't get me wrong, it's awesome! Non-Vegan pizza is just the one food that I still think smells good, now that I've been vegan for so long!



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