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Well, if nobody else is gonna eat it....

During the two years I've been vegan, I have rarely made exceptions for myself. But sometimes I find myself eating breakfast omelettes, pies or leftover cakes.

Why do I do this? Because I simply hate for food to go to waste. Occasionally in my family, somebody will have ordered an unsatisfying meal, or there are leftovers in the fridge they're certain they won't finish. In these cases, I'll finish the food off for them, animal products and all (although we could give some of this to our pet rats/birds, it would probably be too much for them and not very healthy).

I know this is likely going to be controversial, but what's your stance on leftovers like this? Is it better to fully stick to your principles, or to eat what's there?

I can relate to the original poster: I would cook for my family who wanted meat (if I didn't do it they were gonna go get mcds or something, flame me if you want but me cooking pastured organic beef is better than mcds!) and there would be leftovers. At the time we werent so tight on money and my family decided to be antileftover. I would feel like I had to eat it and I did that a couple times when I first decided to go veggies..  but I didn't find enjoyment in it. I actually started giving leftovers away to my neighbors and such who were less fortunate than us.
Now we are on hardtimes and I have made it a rule in my house, you are required to eat leftovers! Unless something I cook is so terrible noneofus can eat it then it needs to be eaten. I am thankful my husband will eat just about anything, and doesn't mind leftovers anymore.
I also am to the point where I only cook enough for 2-3 servings, so If i do have to toss it out, its not like i wasted 12 servings of food. (I don't even have the fridge space anymore to cook that much so that helps out as well!)


I really can't answer the whats better question, I believe thats your choice. Personally I would not do it, that is just be.  Eating meat does not make me happy, I will admit I've gotten chicken snuck into my food once and it was fine, but if someone tried to feed me something like red meat, I would probably vomit.  When I a kid I could have eaten a piece of raw meat.... about  2 weeks ago hubs and I went out for dinner and he got a piece of RARE and I do mean RARE steak, it was raw hamburger colored and still bleeding. I threw up at the table... I hope that answered your question.  Sorry if that grossed someone out, just sharing my experiences! o.o



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