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Voter Apathy

I voted today.  Sadly few feel the need to go out and exert their civic right to have a say in their government.  CA is suppose to have a record low turnout to the primaries.  Only one in five people are expected to vote today.

Its also in stark contrast to a group of 3rd graders I subbed for yesterday.  They were so excited to vote when they turned 18.  Some couldn't wait.  They wanted to sneak into the voting booth. 

What gives?  What can be done to get more people to the polls?

P.S.  I recently watched a documentary on Susan B Anthony.  Considering all that others have done to secure my right to vote, the least I can do is go to the polls every election.

I understand, I've met some people like that.... I can honestly say I did think of them in a bit of a negative light when they've bitched about something and I've asked them, "Well, did you vote?" and they'd tell me about how corrupt eveything is blah, blah, blah. Then I'd ask them, "So you *insert some other form of participation,* right?" "Well, no *insert stupid excuses here.*"

I've always seen it either as pure laziness or they're usually bitching to seem *cool* and/or to try to get into someones pants.


If they feel the whole system is corrupt and don't like the choices they can either vote NOA (none of the above) or right in.  At least that is making a noticable statement.   

The voter turnout in CA ended up being about 21%.  Considering that only about 60 or so percent of eligible voters actually register, this number is more like 12%.  That means my vote counted for 7 other people. 

Granted this is the primaries.  Hopefully, at least half of the voters show up in November.


Like I said, pure laziness. That's what I've encountered anyway.



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