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Sugar coating our Veganism in order to gain mainstream acceptance?

I usually call myself vegetarian and if someone inquires further, I tell them I'm vegan. If this upsets vegans and makes it more difficult for vegans to be accepted in the mainstream, GOOD. Grow a thicker skin, faggots.

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I also usually use strict vegetarian while in discussion with people about food.

I think it's so healthy for a business to promote a nonmilitant' perspective on veganism. People are going to be so much more open to the idea of not eating shit that way. A new restaurant just opened up in my city a few days ago and it has a killer menu with high regards from long time vegans I know. It's also got fish, eggs, meat on the menu but are "organic" or 'cruelty free'. If I were to ever open a restaurant ( something I've daydreamed about many times) I would never serve any animal byproducts (yukkk. Thinking about dealing with or having raw meat around my little food place) but I would still want to keep an open mind and consideration for people comming into my restaurant looking for yummy food and human compassion.

Sustainability is always the smartest thing for a business, especially from a financial perspective.
It's all about the open mind, right?


Well coming from New Zealand, where our economy is so heavily dependent on dairy and meat some people are almost offended by the vegan word.. My ex'es parents were sheep and beef farmers and us being vegetarian was quite difficult for them to deal with. I think for some people around here its like committing treason! In a way it is a bit. When I went veg 4 years ago a lot of people I knew put their nose up but those people have not really commented on my new found veganism. The situation has not come up all that often when I have asked if I am a vegan and when asked I say yes. I have never had to explain what it means. If/when I start dating again I know I will never sugar coat my diet even if it means I'm alone for a long time, it is my core political belief like my membership to the Green party I am not ashamed.

On the other hand though, I can see why a business wants to promote themselves in this way. But I do find it odd. You would never find a steakhouse calling itself anything other than a steakhouse. 



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