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Required Immunizations

Dragging this topic into the appropriate forum!!

To bring everyone up to speed:

1) Lots of places are starting to require H1N1 vaccines as well as standard flu shots.
2) When in crowded/confined spaces is this appropriate?
3) Is taking a cue from history justification for these actions?

As long as you buy into theory that there is no cause and effect for every so called will continue to believe that some people have good luck and some have bad luck.....This line of thinking keeps one from not only taking responsibility for their own health but alos hinders the body's ability to heal itself.....As the mind plays a big part in the healing process

Good luck to you....

Hahaha.  Are you kidding?  There is cause and effect.  It's just that the cause and effect I'm talking about is proven through good rigorous science.  The cause and effect you're talking about is pure conjecture with no foundation in the current understanding of the human body.

People should exercise and maintain a healthy diet, and that's beneficial.  However, that's not going to change the fact that there is some randomness to the events of life.

You sound like that quack Gonzalez with his pancreatic enzyme BS.


I have free will and a pretty good head on my shoulders. If getting a government-mandated injection of unidentified substances into my body makes me feel a little uncomfortable, you better believe I'm not gonna submit to it.

The way I see it is like this:

On US currency it says In God We Trust, so I am assuming the people who control that currency believe in God.
If that's the case, they also presumably believe that God is the only authority of man, as men are created equally.

So if I am going to be required to do something I need to know who's requiring me to do it.
If it's another man, I can just say no. If it's God ordering me to do so, I need one of the following:
1. Speak directly to God.
2. Speak to someone of higher authority than God.
3. Speak to someone who is between myself and God .
4. Have a document, upon the face of which, the verifiable signature of God can be found.

Then I'll do it lol..

Who's got two thumbs and no swine flu.. This guy  ;)b



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