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Question about Obama?

Was he born in the US?

I just read an email saying that he was born in Kenya.  If that is the case, then how did he become president?  According to the constitution don't you have to have been born in America to become president?  I am confused. 

Just goes to show the power of marketing... it seems to be greater than the power of reason, sometimes. We have *so* many friends/ coworkers/ etc. (I'm in the southern US) who are avid spouters of Fox dogma, who are certain that Obama is a Hitlerian Socialist, who are LOUDLY opposed to universal access to health care for all Americans... and who don't have health coverage/ work 2 jobs at low hours, 'cause employers don't want to offer benefits/ have parents who can't afford their prescription meds... WHAT?!! I always want to say, 'You can't *afford* to think like that!'... makes no sense to me.

I'm sure there would be kinks to work out, but since every other developed nation is doing a better job at this than the US, there seems to be plenty of room for improvement... can't be worse than what we're doing now, imo. Doesn't seem like publicly funded schools, libraries, or roads have made us a Marxist nation... so I'm not buying the marketing hype, from big business interests currently benefiting from being able to rape the consumer at will... bring on the socialized medicine! I think we can handle it.



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