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Whats up with peoples' reactions when they find out I'm vegan? Ok, a lot of the time I don't even say "i'm vegan," I'll just politely decline the animal derivative..(thats a depressing word)

Anyway, the other night I went to some little party with my boyfriend so I could meet some of his friends. They started BBQing...then one of them came in with this big old nasty bratwurst (i've always hated sausage, even in pre-veg dayz) and was like "MMMMM you want some of this?? I'm sure you've got the munchies! MMMM!" I was polite, I just said "no thanks" and hoped that would be it...but he kept trying to give it to me and so I said "I don't like meat; I don't eat it." Then he started saying things like "OH but its the best food in the world its so delicious how can you not eat it oh but i guess you like the other type of meat *wink wink*!" and then I just wanted to jump him.

I've tried to not let this bother me too much. I know we're some kind of freak to most people. But I can't stop thinking about what happened. Do people not know about that whole first impression thing? Do they not care? I never tell people how disgusted I am by what they can't they leave me alone for what I choose NOT to eat? I'm sure he was just a drunk idiot but GAHHHH. It's like some other kid who told me to pretend the cows killed my family so I could eat it. *MIND PUNCH*

OHHHH on another note: don't you hate it when people say: "Oh you can't have this." ? (did I punctuate correctly?)

sorry if this is a pointless rambling rant. I'm irritated.

What can I do or say next time this happens? I'm not very well-spoken and I suck at comebacks, and I don't want to be that pretentious vegan asshole. But maybe I should every now and then.

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