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i killed a hawk on mothers day...

we were driving down the highway and it flew right into my back left tire.

i feel horrible.

console me phamily.

((hug!)) That sucks... happened to me once with an owl (just came out of nowhere, into my windshield), and I felt like TOTAL crap about it for a long time, even though there was no way I can think of that I could've avoided it... I LOVE owls! I didn't even have time to swerve... sigh.

I wish that event hadn't happened, in your world, but don't beat yourself up! sometimes we can control what happens, but sometimes crappy stuff just (despite our best efforts!) occurs. You're doing everything you can to NOT harm things... but... accidents happen. Try not to let it weigh you down... sounds like there's no way you could've avoided it. (Hug!)


i wanted to swerve but there was a truck on my right...  it sucked.  :'(


I hate to say this... I know it's in Food Fight, & all, & I like to argue as much as the next person (maybe MORE, depending who I'm next to!)... but, yeah, I've gotta go ahead & agree with you: that sucked... hard to argue with that.

(glad you didn't crash, though... if you'd tried to avoid the hawk, it sounds like there would have been even more living things harmed. So, you were able to save * some* of the creatures involved... that's gotta count for something!)


I'm sorry that sucks, I would feel awful too.

On my way to my new job I have seen 2 run over animals already (I have only been there 2 weeks)... I get upset and I didn't even hit them myself... Nobody even comes to clean them up, people just keep hitting them :(


Feel your pain, man. It happens, and it sucks.

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