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hunting for population control

What do you think about hunting animals in order to prevent overpopulation thus causing starvation? 
I'm not trying to debate any common hunting practices such as hanging a deer head above the fire place.
Just looking for some different points of view I myself do not hunt have never hunted nor do I ever want to hunt.   


Gosh, you make it all sound so wonderful. Yes, lets provide funds that go for enhancing an environment that is really an arena for people to hunt down, maim, and kill. </sarcasm>

I personally am not persuaded by your idealistic delusion. You very conveniently left out the part where the hunters come into those pristine ecosystems and torture animals. You also left out the part that the hunters and fishers are the ones destroying the ecosystem in the first place (with a lot of help, granted). So the conservancy groups and U.S. government noticed what a lot of irresponsible twits the hunters and fishers were and stepped in to prevent total catastrophe. Well good for those groups, but they would never have had to help any ecosystem if a bunch of irresponsible, selfish killers had not wreaked havoc on the ecosystem in the first place. And now you want people to support that circle of grief?! Not likely.


You guys arn't mentioning the #1 flaw with hunting.  

Predators kill off the weak and old, humans kill the strong and healthy.  Hunters want the biggest, best antlers, spurs, etc so they kill off the best of the breeding stock, what is left to breed is the weak.

Hunting is NOT the solution, it is completely flawed and is wrong.  The solution is to just leave them alone.  No hunting.  The first year or two, yes, there will be a lot of dear, and a lot of starving dear, but... a starving dear won't have babies. 

The population would naturally regulate itself. 

Hunting is about keeping dear out of peoples flower gardens, it does nothing to  "help" them.


Actually, yankeebill had a great idea!

We can buy hunting and fishing liscences, and I will hunt and shoot animals with my camera!!!!  Do they only see so many licenses?  IF so, then us who don't hunt will be providing funds for the conservation efforts, without harming the animals, and taking a liscense away from an a-hole who wants to muder!

I would go fishing with my hookless fishing line, and hunting with a camera!!!

Sad news, yesterday, a co-worker was in the office talking about how he killed a big gobbler turkey, 11" beard, big spurs...I felt like vomiting he was so proud of killing this poor animal, then to make it worse, he is STUFFING it, the meat is going to waste!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wanted so bad to punch him in the face right there, I had to walk away, I was so disgusted.


I think your money could go to more worthwhile causes. Imnsho, I don't think it's likely that you will prevent anyone from hunting, and certainly not from fishing, by grabbing up a license. Plus, buying a license just adds that much more to the numbers that everyone looks at. They assume the numbers are out there killing.

My money will go to other worthwhile causes, and I will be out in the woods making a nuisance of myself as much as possible during hunting season. (needs moar cowbell, snicker)


My money will go to other worthwhile causes, and I will be out in the woods making a nuisance of myself as much as possible during hunting season. (needs moar cowbell, snicker)

lmao-- watched this skit last night on SNL reruns... HI. LARI. OUS! (and a solid action plan, as well... nice!)




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