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How vegan are you?

I guess this question boils down to why are you vegan in the first place?  I was ovo-lacto until I found out my son is lactose intollerant so I switched us over to vegan diet with great results so far.  But I do believe that eating meat (not dairy!) is healthy occasionally, just not on a daily basis.  So I decided to take the stand for myself and my son that as long as I kill the animal myself (as in hunting and fishing) then it is okay to eat meat, and eggs are okay if I raise the chickens myself so I know they have a good life.  Of course, I don't have a fishing liscence nor a hunting liscence, nor do I own chickens, and I can't own chickens because of where  I live.  I am strick to not support the meat dairy or egg industry due to the horrible cruelty that goes on.  I am not going to give them my money, because by doing that I am in essence doing it myself!  But if I fish in a river and catch the fish, the fish had a good life, free, lived as a fish is supposed to live, and I kill it, then I will be sure to kill it as quickly and painlessly as possible, and I will be respectful of it and it's feelings. 

I think part of the reason I feel this way is because I love fishing, and I love to eat the fish I catch, it is one of my very pleasent child hood memories and I want to raise my son the same way, to be respectful of what you eat.

Does that  make me a horrible vegan?

I don't agree that it's disrespectful (necessarily) to post something about hunting or fishing on a vegan site, especially in this circumstance where it was part of a conversation and not a taunt about how it's so awesome to kill animals. I am a vegan primarily because I believe it is the healthiest way for humans to eat and I'm sure there are people who do it without really caring much about animals, they may just see it as an added bonus.

Recently I've begun some research on prion protein diseases--such as "mad cow" and it's human variants--and that has prompted me to wonder about the safety of our slaughtering practices in terms of exposure to infectious and genetic diseases that are neurodegenerative and fatal. But again, it comes back to what the food does in our bodies and our health, even though it is on a cellular level.

Snowqueen, I see another facet to this question. Some people call themselves vegan because they don't eat animal product, others because they don't eat or use any kind of animal product. So are you only half-vegan if you only do one or the other? I don't know that the term is even all that important, nor how strictly you adhere to a definition--even someone who trades 1 meat-based meal a week for a plant-based meal is making an impact on humanity and the environment and their health.

If I can add my own question to this (and maybe this is touched on in the Religion thread, I don't usually read about religion), I'm wondering how many people who are vegan on the basis that they should not kill or cause harm to life are also against abortion for the same reasons?


... I'm wondering how many people who are vegan on the basis that they should not kill or cause harm to life are also against abortion for the same reasons?

Oh, aggplanta-- now you've gone & done it! Before we go down that road, check out the *16 pages* about this very topic at that was a good go-round, but I'm not sure I can bear to do it again!



Aggplanta, I think your abortion reference sort of came out of left field, frankly. I was following along with your CJD references (this is one of my favorite arguments against eating meat--hear me UK?) and then BOOM. It's there. I'm not sure I'm making the connection. Check out the other thread, and let's keep this one streamlined!


Sorry if that seemed to come out of nowhere. This is a discussion about the extent you are vegan and why that is regardless of what other posts have been made in the past by different people. If someone is vegan because they don't want to kill anything I think it is a natural association to wonder if they are anti-abortion as well. I'm not trying to instigate an argument, if people wish to respond respectfully they can and if they choose to make it something nasty then they are probably people who would find a way to inject nastiness into something not.
As for myself I'm pro-choice and vegan. Perhaps someone else would see that as hypocritical.


As for myself I'm pro-choice and vegan. Perhaps someone else would see that as hypocritical.

Read the other thread... there are plenty of pro-choice vegans about! Basically, humans are incredibly diverse, and even within a narrow slice of the social strata (i.e. those who value food ethics/ veg*n lifestyle) there are many views represented. You are neither hypocritical or alone in your standing on this issue; there are good-hearted vegans (like there are good-hearted omnis) who see this issue from broadly divergent perspectives. Such is human nature.


I understand, I just mean that some people might find that hypocritical and I'd be interested to hear what they think.



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