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Holiday gluttony

I've started getting those emails that state the "reason for the season" is food and partying.    >:( No, at least for Christmas, we are *supposed* to be honoring the birth of our saviour, Jesus the Christ.  So, this year besides my daily prayer for Peace on Earth, etc., I'm going to have a dawn to dust fast during the 12 days leading up to Christmas Day.  I'll eat in the morning before first light and after the sun goes down but not during the daylight hours.  While it's light I'll only drink water, coffee and maybe a vitamin water.  Not really a big sacrifice but a quiet protest against the gluttony and commercialism that has taken over this *holy season*. 

Am I the only one who has become totally disgusted with how people celebrate Christmas?  Are any of y'all doing anything to counter the ugliness IMHO that Christmas has become?

The gluttony really bothers me. For example on Thanksgiving I had a perfectly reasonable dinner portion of food on my plate, actually it was a little more than I'd normally eat at one time b/c I usually eat a couple light meals throughout the day, but people were like "omg are you not hungry?" or "leaving room for dessert?" And crap like that. And of course the whole time people are commenting to each other about their food and how much they're eating and blah blah. If it weren't for the giant carved dead turkey carcass in the kitchen I would've forgot it was Thanksgiving.

This kinda goes with what you're saying, but I HAAAATE how commercialized Christmas, and general holidays are. It's all about shopping and buying (and gluttony). I like the holidays- but I hate the overeating, the traffic and stores packed w/ people, and like I said the general commercialization of Christmas. I feel bad for people that don't celebrate Christmas or the holidays in general for whatever reason, must be tough

that type of thing really bothered me at thanksgiving this year. before thanksgiving, i heard SO many people at school reference about how much turkey they were going to eat, how stuffed they'd be the whole weekend, and then after thanksgiving about their tryptophan coma -_-


I'm right there with you my dear, and I'm sure a lot of other people are too. I will say I try to get them to shut up by throwing something in there like "calories don't count on thanksgiving/christmas" because I definitely think it's fine to eat a little more than usual, or eat things you don't normally eat during the holidays, but when that becomes the entire reason for it, that's a bit much. But at the same time, it annoys me when people try to stay on their diet during the holidays. All these articles pop up online about how not to gain during the holidays or how to stick to your diet, but holidays don't come around too often so eat what you'd like, eat til your full (not stuffed and miserable) and don't focus so much on the damn food! Sometimes I feel like there's no making me happy lol


I kind of understand what you're saying - it's like we're especially food-obsessed during the holidays (whether it's about eating lots of it or little of it).



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