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the fat nutritionist

hi guys,
ok a friend of mine told me about this website, not sure if you all heard about it, but it is a 5'5" 260 pound nutritionist. She calls herself the Fat Nutritionist. On her site, she appears to give people a thumbs up to being overweight, indulging, and eating what makes you feel good. I am not saying a nutritionist should not be overweight, but i am saying that there are many many many studies showing strong relationships with obesity and health problems. Yes, it is very possible to eat great and work out, but by being overweight, your entire body must work harder than a non-overweight person's body would. 

Ok, so point is, i dont believe that people must be skinny to be healthy/happy, but i feel like sites like this,  along with many articles now-a-days, are taking a different approach, instead of encouraging people to lose weight, they want to say 'hey it's ok if your fat and happy.' but let's be honest, if you are obese, you will feel better at a smaller size. no, it's not about looks, but it will influence your body in all sorts of ways. I personally know this, because in the past 8 months i lost 60 lbs, and i want to lose 30 more. i don't want to lose 30 more to look good or gain confidence, but i want to lose it because my body will thank me. i'm not sure of many people that after losing weight, would want to gain i all back just to 'eat what makes you feel good.'

i posted this here because i would really love some different opinions on this.

here is the link to the site with the nutritionist

Is it okay to be fat?  <-  9 pages


thanks, that was interesting...especially about the idea of publicly shame people...  really? like when i saw that i had to read it twice because i was that surprised.
anyways.. but do you think that websites like the one i posted, and other articles similar, are acceptable? i mean, yes it is very possible to eat right, work out, and be overweight, but i feel like pages like the one i listed are not aimed towards people that are confident in their healthy lifestyles; i feel like it is aimed towards people that are looking for approval for their poor eating habits. If it was aimed towards being healthy, it would address good nutrition and fitness, maybe even fitness for beginners, rather than ideas of eating what makes you feel good.


People can promote whatever they want - pretty much everything except for kiddy porn is acceptable.


It looks like she's saying that certain people have body types that just aren't going to be skinny and if they try to restrict what they're eating to lose weight that it's not natural for their body and they'll be unhappy or just gain it back. If you actually do what she says about eating until you're full and not going overboard, there shouldn't be a problem. A lot of people are fat because they simply eat too much junk and don't stop. But if you don't do that and you're still fat, who cares? She has studied nutrition so I'm sure she encourages "healthy" foods (though not necessarily our idea of that) and she says that other things in moderation are okay. Eating what makes you feel good does not mean just eating ice cream because obviously that will make you sick. Feeling good is physical and emotional and I think that's what she is trying to promote.

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