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Dumb Question

Dumb question:  Since becoming vegan tends to cause weight loss, why doesn't the pro-vegan portion of our population concentrate their efforts on the people like those in the following documentary?  It is a potential multi-billion dollar market, for you business  types out there, if you can do such in a nutritionally sound and complete manner (please see my posts regarding lysine and other nutrients missing from most vegan diets).

I know I lost 1/3 of my body weight within three months each time I went vegan (probably because vegan diets tend to be so low in fat).  If this was to be applied to people like those in the documentary, we might save American from collapsing under its own weight, so to speak.

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if you came to vegweb in a more positive, supportive, and kind fashion and introduced quinn over time you would've probably got a better response... jamming it down everyone's throat and being a snob def didn't help your cause... i say as far as VW goes it's a lost cause... hope you try a more kind and gentle entrance on the next site you find


It suprises me that the people who frequent this site would be more concerned with the health and sexual stamina of a homosexual like yourself

what on earth does Tweety's homosexuality have to do with anything?


It suprises me that the people who frequent this site would be more concerned with the health and sexual stamina of a homosexual like yourself than they would be about a piece of software intended to help stem the obesity epidemic, provide nutritional information for ethical vegans, help better feed the world, and make is so our farmers won't have to work as hard.  But, sure enough, I have yet to receive a positive comment regarding quinn.  I guess something says something about our society (or lack of such).

It surprises me, no it really doesn't, that you're making things up because you've spun things worse than Herman Cain.  Where on earth have people in this thread expressed any concern of the health and sexual stamina of a homosexual like myself?  And what the hell does a my being a homosexual have to do with anything.  

I've been a member here since the mid 90's...people love and support me here.  Don't hate me because I'm more popular and fabulous than you and that your "Quinn" hasn't received positive feedback.   You're ideas are flawed, not based in sound nutritional science and foolish.  I gave you decent and constructive feedback and you've been a dick about it.  Yeah, I've been a sarcastic dick in return and two wrongs don't make a right so I'll stop.  So have your thread back and maybe someone will stroke your fragile ego, I'm going to act like a grown up now.  


I gave you decent and constructive feedback and you've been a dick about it.

yup... think i'm gonna have to stop feeding into this because now it is just toxic nonsense


Shameless self-promotion isn't what VegWeb is about. On any of the boards.


Yeah, I figured you wouldn't understand that point.


Do you homo Italians understand the point or do you continue to want "them" uneducated?

"dumb question" success... well done, i suppose!, except of course that this thread has gotten completely stupid and unfoodfightworthy. Now you're just pissing around, don't you think? why waste valuable time on the planet, with crap like this?! Enough-- let's kill this poor thread humanely, and let it rest in peace. Bless its heart.


Actually, there are at least two sets of numbers: those published in the National Institute of Medicine's "Dietary Reference Intakes:  The Essential Guide to Nutrient Requirements" and those published in the National Research Council's "Recommended Dietary Allowances".  The later one is used for food labeling in the US and was first published in 1941 (check your history books about what was happening in the US and the rest of the world at that time).  The requirement used for cholesterol in US food labeling is 300 mg/day.  The later book is also about 1/4 the price of the former.
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The cholesterol requirement listed in "Recommended Dietary Allowances" and used in U.S. food labeling can easily be achieved in a vegetarian (but not vegan) way with whey protein powder drinks.  Many are also low in fat, if such is a concern.  Cholesterol content differs greatly depending on brand and flavor.

Not having enough cholesterol can cause problems with vein healing and/or liver and/or brain problems.  Such is a potential danger for vegans, just as not milking a dairy cow can cause problems for them because of the way they were breed to produce large amounts of milk.

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