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Documentary: Earthlings?

And if so, comments?

Honestly, I have gotten about halfway through, balling the entire time!

I think this video could convert anyone to veg! It makes me despise humans honestly :(

If you want to watch it click here:

It is very graphic and sad, I suggest watching it alone unless you don't mind sobbing for a few hours in front of people.

It's interesting because I didn't become a vegetarian for animal rights. I simply found the idea of eating dead animals unappealing- Didn't much care for the taste, texture, smell, etc. I most certainly didn't like the idea of having to kill them, and thought it was disgusting to cook with. So it wasn't until after I became a veggie that I learned for the first time what actually was going on with these animals being used for our food and otherwise. I was shocked, and it reaffirmed my attitude.

I don't like watching these videos, but when confronted with them I make myself sit and watch them. My discomfort certainly isn't equal to the suffering of the animals. If it bothers the viewer so much I say, then don't partcipate in it. If the video makes you cry, you should cry. It is better than being ignorant and ignoring what is really going on in the world. What would I be if I refused to acknowledge the truth? You can't just choose to ignore. You must watch and then let your feelings decide for you.

I've watched Earthlings twice now. I actually have the first three parts posted on my facebook wall right now. It is a must-see. They should make it mandatory viewing in schools or something. Watch it and be discomfited.


ya i finally watched it, very good but sad movie :(


It was awful. I'm surprised I made it thru but I really wanted to see every angle. I honestly couldn't sleep for 2 hours because the images kept playing thru my head. These meat and clothing factories affect us all, even if we don't eat meat or buy new leather and fur.

I haven't watched Earthlings but this is how I felt about the dairy farm/abuse video that I showed you. I don't think I slept at all the first night I watched it.


I had to turn it off a whole bunch of times and come back later, but I did eventually make it though. I was trying to be quiet watching this while the rest of the people in the house slept, but I woke several people up when I sort of freaked out at the garbage truck scene. I was too numb to say anything when I got to the horror in the part about fur...

Who are these people working in the factory farm industry? Is this where our seemingly unending reservoir of sadists in the world are employed? To that end, what would they try to do to one of us in a darkened building?

And the dolphins! For fucks sake, they are as intelligent as our own children.
The parallel that they drew between the holocaust and animal sufferage is all too true - especially in the factory farm aspect.

Most of our species is revolting. I franky do not know what to do about it in the western world as we vegans make up less than 2% of the population... we can't exactly fight the other 98% alone. We need someone to go at it Guy Fawkes style, take over a news network or two, and broadcast this. I would put in an application for immigration to Alpha Centauri, but I don't think any other world would willingly take anybody from Earth.


I agree with you all! What people are we hiring?

Evergreen - you mentioned the Holocaust. I've always wondered why people would murder thousands, millions, in pursuit of such a sick agenda.

Could it be fear motivated? Fearful that they would be killed as well? Were they fearful of losing their own comfort? They could lose that by being under the thumb of their own government or fellow citizens? People will do wild and crazy things sometimes. Maybe I'm not explaining it properly.

A simpler reason meat factory workers do what they - a job is a job. For some, this means being stuffed into a line-up for slaughter just like their unfortunate victims. I'm not excusing the murder of these animals but it's food for thought.

Lastly, Guy Fawkes and his story is a badass story. I'll never be as awesome as him but I've been scratching my head lately..trying to put together a grassroots movement. We'll see....


well said evergreen <3 don't know anything about "Fawkes" though and the 2 parts you mentioned were the parts i struggled with the most: the dog in the trash truck and the fur part!



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