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attn members of the Christian faith

i need your help.  I am visiting my family soon and my parents are extremely religious.  the church i was raised in is extremely conservative, and i just know that my parents and other members of the church are going to pull the whole "God put animals on earth to feed us" bullcrap.  i know about Gen 1:29, but are there any other places where a vegan/vegetarian diet  is seemingly supported in the bible?  or if you have links to thorough bible studies online that would be really helpful.  

TinTexas should be here for this!  Hopfrog beat me to it!

This topic got bumped near to the top so I finally saw it!

There a booklet available for free at the Christian Vegetarian Association's website. for the association and  to order the booklet.  There may still be a place where you can download the booklet as a pdf (adobe acrobat) file. 

I just skimmed the downloadable booklet, and it looks really good! Thanks for a great reference  8)


I am nursing my daughter right now so i cant pull up the scripts but yes there are numerous quotes in the bible that say you should not eat animal flesh. In the first chapter it says man of the earth are supposed to eat the ever yielding fruit and herbs of the earth. No meat!!!! and there are various other chapters that say no human should eat any meat with blood running through it. Check out

It has a section of frequest asked questions and I beleive vegetarianism is listed on there and it pulls up every quote in the bible about it.

It also quotes in the bible that you nor meat eating people should preach or questions someone else about their eating lifestyle so them being religious should know that what they are doing by questioning you is forbidden.



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