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Is it bad to like it? I've for the most part waited until I was 21 to drink, or at least go out of my way to get some. And I like it. I bought some Bicardi a little over a week ago, and I've hardly had any, but I do like it and want to try other types of liquor. I just don't want people to think I'm turning into an alcoholic (it doesn't run in the family).

Your thoughts?

KMK, I just hope it's right. It could be out of date or something.... What white wine do you drink?

I just bought a Bonterra chardonnay.  It's a bit more expensive, but it's good.

The wine guide could definitely be right though.  Who knows.  We should email them.


You have to keep checking back with companies, as each vintage is made differently. If the list was updated with last year's vintage, it could be incorrect. Always contact the company :)


wow, CW, I'm sorry about your mom, that must been terrible

ah, s'okay, Lubi...."terrible" is quite accurate, but it's just one of many ways to describe it.
Mom's death has been a very important experience in my young life, and I've learned a lot from it. That, plus my "Perspectives on Death & Dying" class last year, have given me a whole new approach to death AND life.
and of course, it makes me think very carefully about drinking (my own and others close to me), and about safely going down stairs.  ;D

  I was brought up in a family of heavy drinkers and although my oldest brother was killed by a drunk driving the car which he was a passenger in, stupidly I still followed my families example and began drinking heavily, thinking that this was fun. I would not be able to pay my house payments and other bills but would still be in the bar in the evenings until closing time. ...
  The moderation thing might work for some but again I ask why would i want to drink in moderation that which is not good for me, and which in excess causes so many troubles to so many people.
 ...there are just too many people like my brother who have been deceived to think that alcohol actually adds something to their lives when all it does is take away. It tales away their health, their money and often times their lives. 

I'm really sorry about Your brother, pg. That really is such an injustice to lose someone that way.
What's worse is when it doesn't enforce the changes in others as it ought to....My sister, for instance, has been a heavy drinker since she was about 16, and her lack of control has gotten worse since our mom died. That, and the fact that both of our parents are/were alcoholics with anger issues/manic depression (respectively) hasn't deterred her from using alcohol and other substances in excess.
She's vowed to never use or be intoxicated in front of her young children, and as far as I know she's kept that vow.....but that's easily done for her, since she only has the kids every other week (joint custody thing). Nothing I've said to her seems to persuade her to change, and I really worry about what's going to have to happen before she does make those necessary changes in her life.

I'm proud of You for turning Your life around! You finally took control of the problem and You've been much healthier and happier...and for 30 years! Hopefully Your brother will see things more clearly sooner than later.

as for moderation vs. abstinence,'s up to the individual to make that choice.
My advice for LZ or anyone worried about his/her alcohol intake, just be very self-aware, and heed the advice and observations of those around You, if they offer any. Maybe a few drinks here and there will do no harm, or maybe You'll find that alcohol isn't good for You in any amount.
You'll live and learn, I guess.


I posted my story about turning back from the brink of disaster in this column some time back.
I would beg you never to try and drink alcohol even for the fun of it.
I started the same way.
Rest is upto you .



Oh, I'm stealing your thread.

I need some vegan cheap, white wine suggestions. I don't drink..and I've never purchased any vegan alcohol. We are having a guy over for dinner..and he's bringing wine. I want to suggest something so that P can drink, if he wants. I've looked at the lists..but I don't even know which ones are common/easily found.

Two things first:

1: Don't know if they have this in US or anywhere outside of Australia.
2: We call it Casks, or "goon bags/sacks"... Its the one in a box. I think Americans call it "Space Bags" (ala Johnny Hobo).

But, at heaps of wholesaler places you can a 5 litre (around 1.5 gallons) cask. It says "WHITE WINE" and "suitable for vegans and vegetarians - not produced with the aid of animal products" on the back.
I think it's a cooking wine, but it surprisingly doesn't taste heinous. It's not art gallery opening material, but if you keep it in the fridge it tastes alright and the price is right - it's like $AUS 12-15 here.
I'm pretty sure it's made in Argentina, or somewhere in South America, so they might import there and have it in your area... Maybe??
Sorry I can't help more...


yes love my booze :)


Here's just ONE link I've found so far, AC......make a checklist of the wines that Your local stores have in stock, then check this list. I'm sure You'll find something on there. good luck!

Yeah, that's the list I was looking at. Like I said, I don't know which of those are commonly found in stores.  :-\

The only ones I have seen at my grocery store from the vegan wine guide list are: Yellow Tail, Rosenblum Cellars, Mumm (champagne), Louis Jadot, Bollinger Champagne, Piper Heidseck (champagne), Martini Asti Spumante (champagne)


Just a quick note, check with your local vineyards, I live in PA and most do not use animal products in fining.  Call them and ask about isinglass when " fining" and ask about pesticides.


Someone might have mentioned this already, but I didn't see it... Do you guys know about You can just enter some names of wine or whatever that IS found in your local shop, & get the DL on whether or not it's vegan-friendly... not 100% of everything is there, but a huge amount of wine, beer, & liquor is represented.

I'm a wine fan, & my favorite staple is Bota-box cabernet... great portability for beaches, woods, etc.! & pretty tasty, for its price range...

Anyway... I digress. is a cool site, for vegans who enjoy the 'fruit of the vine;' that's my main point. Cheers!


I don't drink. Alcoholism does "run" in my family, and so I'm a little wary of drinking to begin with. Secondly, I've tried tiny tiny amounts of it, and I think it tastes *awful*. To me it's super bitter, like soap. I guess I don't have to worry about getting drunk then :/
In the seventh grade, my best friend's mom died of alcohol poisoning (on the morning of the first day of school :( ). My friend wound up bouncing back from one foster care home to the next, and aside from the trauma of her mom dying, everything was really hard for her until she was on her own in college.
Which adds to my aversion to drinking.
I do have sake for cooking though, and I've used beer in waffle batter. Just not interested for consuming it while the alcohol per se is still there.


i've always loved beer but it probably have to do with drinking it so young... my dad would put it in my kiddie cup just a little when i was young... so i kinda grew up liking it... wine and hard alcohol r super gross though to me


Melthibs, I'm sure there are other possible reasons how a wine could not be vegan, additives or whatever, but the first thing I thought of is the sugar, cane sugar being processed with ash that can come from animal bones. Oh, and with beer (which I love just a little too much),  Yuengling "golden lager" I have read has a food coloring that is made out of ground up beetles....I don't care if your vegan or not, that sounds not too yummy. Can't remember the name of it...


Found it; carmine (crushed beetle insects) :o


i love alcohol..I actually bought 60 dollars worth of candy from Food Fight and an 18 pack and got super sick and it was a good halloween. I love wine, first glass always seems to suck, but after that the bottles done and so am i :(



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