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Alcohol & Drinking

A continuation of I'm drunk.

... your crusade against those who drink....

My objection is not to drinking alcohol, per se. I am objecting to drinking in excess, ie; getting drunk, because of the harm that it causes, because of the harm that it causes other people besides the drinker.

My second objection is to encouraging others to drink to excess, ie; get drunk, for the same reason. In fact, I believe there should be a law against it. Because of the harm that excessive drinking does to other people besides the drinker.

I also object to boasting about drunkeness. I believe that it falls under the category of the second objection.

Wow, this is yielding some interesting nuggets. I've thought this many times before, but it's never been so clear to me. I might have to thank you all for encouraging me to simplify and clarify my thinking.

THIS is what I wanted to know. Thank you for finally clarifying it! The question I have is: you object to drunkenness and drinking culture but not necessarily with a person drinking in the first place...where is the line in your mind? Would it be different for each person based on tolerance/history/predisposition/family responsibilities? ie How could drinking to excess be made illegal if alcohol is still legal?

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