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yellowstone and grand teton national park?

I'd like to go with my family this summer but I am afraid we'll starve. We went to Yosemite a few years ago and it was hard to find anything to eat. Anyone with experience at those two parks? I don't mind making due with peanut butter myself, but I don't like putting my children in that situation.

My vegan fam (2 adults & 2 kids) did those (plus more destinations, making it a 3 week trip) without too much trouble. Before you go, print out addresses of any stores or restaurants you may want to visit ( is awesome for this). Jackson Hole had a great grocery store, and we found a Thai restaurant there. There's usually Thai or Subway or a regular grocery store SOMEWHERE. Otherwise, we made do with a giant stash of bars, fruit snacks, jerky, chips, dried fruit & veggies (+ fresh we bought along the way), PB, bread, soymilk & juice boxes. Oh, plus a small cooler that we only kept cold until mom's beloved tahini and crackers ran out. Then it was just a "table".

We loved both Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons!!!


Thank you!  How old were your children at the time?  I think we are going to go next summer when my little one can hike a bit further.

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