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Who is going to California in August?

Stop pussyfooting around.  I want to know who all is going besides the 10 people who have said they are.
Katie and I are planning on going, but we may also use this time as vacation time, i.e. we may be spending about a week or so there.  We want to know what all there is to see in lovely San Francisco and we probably want to hang out with you, too. ;)

I already know about Millennium...anything else we would need to check out?


Where is this shindig going to be at?  I need to know so I can figure out hotel accommodations and all of that jazz.

Dude. Did you register on the site? I recently sent out an email with some information....not that I've heard back from anyone... I'll message it to you.

I wish there could be a reply all option for that email so we could all communicate with each other... like on here! haha. Anyway, I think I've decided on my favorite SF hostel. :)

Yeah, I'll look into that! I'll send out another one with your suggestion.  ;)b

No no no, ignore my initial suggestion. I like the one MDV suggested that you put in your email. Everyone should look at the reviews on and they can see it's the best choice :)



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