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Veg*n international travel question

Hi guys,

I'm asking for info on a friend's behalf, who is a frequent international traveller:

"Do you know if there is something like an association (worldwide) of vegan homestays? So that (as members) we may be a guest or a host. Maybe we may prefer to cook on our own as guests (& also serve our hosts with our recipes)..."

Kinda like veg*n specific couch-surfing organizations? Anyone know? (or wanna start one?!)

I don't know of anything like that existing... but you can find lots of veg-friendly spots on existing websites. User hespedal used to open her couch up to randoms and met some cool folks along the way.


I know there is such a group on Facebook.!/group.php?gid=373167054324
I hope that helps  :)


Awesome! Thanks -- I also thought about have friends who rave about this kind of travel... is there a way to make it so that you only stay with/ host other veg*ns?... hmmmmm, more research needed...


It would take some planning but I'm sure you could plan a trip with all veg*n hosts.  There are at least 2 vegan/vegetarian groups on CS.  Also you could use their advanced search to look for profiles that contain the word vegan. 
We've been members for a few years and I don't think we've ever hosted vegans (except for a fellow Vegwebber...but that wasn't arranged through CS.).  We've have hosted a few vegetarians.


...a search of Couchsurfing turned up 804 people willing to host that list vegan in their profile. 


I... am going to go pack.  ;)

Good info! I'll pass it on... sounds like there's lots of resources, just (like you say) needs some pre-trip attention & planning... Woohoo, sounds like a good way to travel, to me!

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