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Being ovo-lacto, I have been very lucky in my travels getting a meat free diet.  For those of you who travel extensively, what obstacles do you come across being vegan?

I have travelled to some very remote places and live a board dive boats.  Restaurants in the area were not an option because there weren't any.

I have tried to cut down dramatically on dairy and eggs and will continue to do so. 

By being ovo-lacto, they felt they could feed me.  Had I been vegan, I would have eaten lettuce.  I actually went on one live a board dive boat where the cook though vegetarian meant I wouldn't eat meat but would eat soup with a beef base.  I lost weight on that trip and complained upon my return.  The cook has since been educated about vegetarians.  I do not think, although I could be wrong that they would be able to accommodate a vegan.

For the last 8 or 9 years, most of my trips have been dive vacations.  The chefs/cooks have been most accommodating to me.  Had I been vegan, I think I would not have had much food.

Remember on a live a board or remote locations, fruits and veggies are not so easily accessible.

So, how do you all handle it?

It is easy to say bring some food and diving although doesn't seem strenuous, it totally is.  One needs good nutrition.  I can eat and eat on a dive trip and still lose weight.  Doing 15 to 20 dives in a week plays a toll on one's body.  One needs to be fit and optimally fed.

So, what do you all do?  It is way easier if you are going to a resort or a location with many restaurants.  What do you do in really remote locations?

um....if you're traveling in the western part of U.S. El Pollo Loco, Chipotle, grocery stores and salad bars seem like good options.... otherwise maybe just pack a jar of peanut butter and a spoon lol... ;D Just kidding


I have no problems eating peanut butter out of the jar.

Actaully eating a more raw diet it makes it a little easier to eat for me. I can pack a bunch of fruit and some produce and I am set for the day.


My friend and I went to Paris a few years ago and managed amazingly well.  I was L/O at the time and my friend was vegan, and despite what everyone warned me about the lack of veg food in France, we found a lot of good eats! We tended to buy bread and fruit for breakfast/lunch, and then find somewhere for an early dinner.  The people were so nice despite our very limited French haha.

I also found Spain to be pretty easy (I've done Benicassim festival and Barcelona two years running as a vegan).  For such a small town Benicassim had a lot of choices (falafel, Chinese food, and plenty of greengrocers), and Barcelona was super easy. 

I'm planning on maybe going to Prague for a few weeks this summer, and I'm a little worried.  I read somewhere that it's all beer, sausages and ice cream... so Icould be pretty screwed haha.  Has anyone been to Prague/got any advice?


I went to Prague on a business trip a couple of years ago and I remember it wasn't too bad. Not as bad as I understand Poland and Hungary would be.  FWIW, a couple of years ago I met a vegetarian mom who told me that Bulgaria is actually fabulous for vegetarians since there is tons of fresh produce and very middle eastern influenced (chickpeas, hummus, etc.).  I have a friend who is Polish and she goes back to Poland every summer and is always encouraging us to go with her.  I'm reluctant because I think my children would starve.  Either that or they would each gain ten pounds from two weeks of eating potato pierogis and jelly donuts.



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