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Toronto to Watkins Glen...i need your advice!

hey there folks!

so I had planned a trip to Farm Sanctuary with a good friend of mine for the end of September. The plan was go to for the weekend, camp in Sugar Hill state forest, visit the sanctuary & do the waterfall hikes etc. as a late, joint birthday thing. Well, my friend is in school and most likely can't go anymore, but I still want to - I've been hoping to do this for a couple years now, and am tired of waiting around for someone else to come with me (because it never works out!)

So I'm considering making the trip alone. I realize I could probably get a bus down to Rochester (I live near Toronto) or drive myself, but going alone means making less costly choices. I also probably won't camp alone.

That said, how would you do it? What would you want to see besides the stuff I mentioned?

PS: while I'm excited at the thought of hitch hiking, unfortunately my awareness of the realities of traveling alone as a woman mean I most likely won't do it. So non-HH suggestions are appreciated!

Sorry, TB, I just saw your post.  I'm not sure what you wound up doing, but there is no way you can get around up there without a car.

BTW, Watkins Glen is beautiful and has great facilities, including a fabulous swimming pool. Farm Sanctuary has little cabins you can stay in overnight and use the facilities in the main lodge.  There are a couple of places in town with decent veg offerings.


So non-HH suggestions are appreciated!

I saw this part first and thought, "Wha huh?!?"


haha, i totally forgot about this thread for like 2 months and just found it again now. thanks folks :P

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